Archer Sheridan

Athlon's partner in Ireland is Archer Sheridan.

    Archer Sheridan

    Archer Sheridan Leasing Ltd is Athlon’s exclusive partner in Ireland North and South since 2017. Archer Sheridan is one of Ireland’s leading Vehicle Leasing, Fleet Management and Mobility Solutions Companies. They are part of the Sheridan Motor Group which has been in operation since 1915. Archer Sheridan was established in 1973 and has been the Hertz Lease Franchisee in Ireland since 1985.

    They are a trusted Athlon Partner because they lead the way in customer service and retention. Their nationwide network of approved suppliers provides the coverage need to manage a diverse range of fleet users. They are committed in offering a distinctly personal approach to ensure the highest standard of customer and driver satisfaction.

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    International presence

    We operate worldwide, from the snowy roads in Sweden to the sunny streets of Spain and across the ocean to the fast freeways of the USA. Thanks to our local branches and our strategic Partner Network, we know international fleet management like the back of our hands. 

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    Interested in learning more about the Athlon way of making international fleet management easy and tailored to your needs? Great! We are looking forward to getting you there. Together.

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