Athlon Rent is about simplicity. You tell us how long you need a vehicle. We do the rest. Taxes, tyres, maintenance and management. Whether it’s for one day, three months, or two years. Simple.


    Fulfilling unpredictable mobility needs

    Giving you what you need
    Leave the challenges for us. Whether they’re on-the-spot demands or the hassles of leasing in volatile environments. In return? You’ll have a personalised solution that meets your exact needs. A variety of vehicles on short notice. A flexible contract. Options that allow you to move forward whatever the economic outlook. We give you freedom. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an SME or large corporate.

    Designed to be flexible

    Athlon Rent is about flexibility. If you need a vehicle at the drop of a hat? We arrange it for you. For anything from 24 hours to 24 months based on your needs. You don’t even have to commit to a specific contractual period. You’re able to scale your fleet size up and down in response to your economic situation or the number of people you have working at a particular site at any particular time.

    Run on efficiency

    We know you don’t have time to waste. Which is why Athlon Rent keeps things efficient. A single invoice every month. A single point of contact. And the option of using our digital interfaces. Everything from damage claims to maintenance and servicing, including tyre changes, is taken care of for you. You won’t need to find your way through the maze of tax and insurance legislation either. And if you decide you need something for the long-term? We provide it too. With utmost efficiency.

    Built for business needs

    Athlon Rent is built with B2B customers in mind – for entrepreneurs, SMEs and large corporates. We know how Fleet Managers run their fleets, and Athlon Rent is built to seamlessly integrate. That’s why the features our lease customers value are also available for Athlon Rent: vehicle delivery, additional drivers, and even vehicle wraps and telematics are possible. We take care of your mobility. Every step of the way.

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    How can Athlon help you?

    Mobility is about moving from A to B. Is there any reason it should be more complicated than that? Let us know where you want to go. We look forward to getting you there.

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    SecondDrive offers the possibility of taking over an original lease contract from ex-lease cars. The result? A lower lease rate.


    A temporary rental of a lease vehicle or long-term full service leasing? Athlon ShortLease combines the two.

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    Ensure your individual needs are met, whether you’re a driver or a fleet manager.

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