Sustainability & CSR

Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility across all its dimensions is high on the agenda at Athlon. On corporate level, the SCSR (Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy is being formalized to embed sustainable thinking throughout the company. Locally, many initiatives were implemented in the reporting year. For example, Athlon Belgium is on its way to obtain the Certification for the UN (United Nations) Corporate Sustainability Charter, based on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Athlon Project Zero

    Athlon aims to be active in all areas of corporate social responsibility. This starts with the company’s core values, of which Integrity is one of the most important. To ensure all employees act with integrity, Athlon adopted the Daimler Integrity Code. This Code offers guidance on a daily basis and in critical situations, and helps everyone make the right decisions. This Integrity Code was recently updated and can be found on the Daimler website. 

    Athlon is also included in the Daimler Whistleblower System BPO which enables employees and external parties to report indications of major risks for the company.

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    Athlon supports its customers in introducing green fleets and creating broader mobility concepts to reduce the CO2 footprint. Of course, Athlon also integrates electric mobility in its own fleets and adds environmentally-friendly mobility options for its employees throughout Europe.

    A number of markets are actively managing on environmental parameters. In the Netherlands, Athlon already holds several certificates such as EcoVadis. Other markets like Sweden and Italy are contributing to sustainability by planting trees for new units added to their portfolio.

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    Athlon works with local and regional organizations to create partnerships in various fields which benefit the broader society. Athlon enables colleagues to spend up to two days per year volunteering, without having to take leave. Many colleagues are involved in organizing and/or participating in fundraising activities.

    There are also partnerships with various organizations. Athlon Netherlands for example contributes to road safety through their long-standing cooperation with the Dutch Traffic Safety Association VVN. Together they produced a whitepaper on how employers can contribute to road safety for their employees. This whitepaper was presented to the Dutch Minister for Infrastructure in 2020.


    Athlon introduced five core values in 2019. Employee engagement is measured annually, in 2019 Athlon participated in the Great Place to Work survey, which was conducted among all Daimler Mobility employees. The results were encouraging – On the whole 83% of colleagues find Athlon A Great Place to Work.




    Diversity is an important topic on the Athlon Management Board agenda and is embedded in the recruitment process. In 2019, 43% of all Athlon employees was female; of employees below the age of 30, 56% was female. Athlon employed people of 33 nationalities.

    Taking an EV on a roadtrip throughout Europe

    During 'Athlon Project Zero', a full electric road trip covering 12,000 kilometres, 11 countries and zero tailpipe CO₂ emissions, we want to know first hand if Europe is ready for electric driving. The experience  will provide us with valuable insights in driving an EV over long distances. And we for sure will have fun along the way because Alexander invites some interesting co-drivers for his trip around Europe.

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    "Electric driving is our commitment to sustainability for future generations. Every day we have three c's: Choice, Change and Opportunity. Every day we have the choice to change our travel behavior, only then does sustainable mobility really have a good chance.

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    Electric cars won't save the world...  but what will?

    The answer is: You will.

    Electric driving is our commitment to sustainability for future generations. And we are actively contributing to that. Every day we have the choice to change our travel behavior, only then sustainable mobility really has a good chance.

    During Athlon Project Zero Alexander Heijkamp, Athlon’s Sustainability & CSR Director, accepted the challenge to drive a fully electric roadtrip through Europe. In 4 weeks, 12000 kilometers between 11 different countries resulted in 142 hours on the road in an electric vihacle. By sharing positive stories we can make an impact and change the mindset about electrisc fleet. Alexander shares a few key lessons that you can benefit from.

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