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NetApp, an internationally renowned hybrid cloud data services and data management company, was determined to reduce the CO2 output of its vehicle fleet. At Athlon, we immediately committed ourselves to finding a suitable solution.

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    NetApp Nederland  (the Dutch branch of NetApp) contacted Athlon looking for a solution that would lower the CO2 emissions of their total fleet. While their emissions were dropping, they were not satisfied with the progress being made under the process they were following at the time. NetApp Nederland wanted a new solution that would accelerate the reduction of their emissions, enabling them to meet various goals. They were wary of increased costs.

    Athlon tackled the challenge proactively, investigating and calculating different options to determine a suitable solution. However, the approach they proposed to NetApp Nederland may initially appear to be somewhat unorthodox. The first step—terminating a number of lease contracts—would result in termination costs. In other words, just one step into the solution, the overall costs would already be rising—exactly what NetApp was hoping to avoid. 


    Athlon recommended NetApp Nederland add hybrid cars to the fleet as replacements. The savings on fuel and maintenance would partially offset the costs of the terminated leases.

    As for the remainder of the raised expenditure? Athlon had a card up their sleeve. At that time, the Dutch government had various tax benefits and subsidies in place for hybrid vehicles. At the very least, these benefits would combine with the savings on fuel and maintenance to counter the costs incurred elsewhere in the solution, or even bring NetApp out in front. Of course, NetApp would also fulfil their primary goal of reducing their CO2 emissions.

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    "Athlon’s proactive approach helped us achieve our goals earlier than anticipated."

    Steven van der Poel – NetApp Senior Operations Manager

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    A strong collaboration

    NetApp was enthusiastic about the solution. Mercedes-Benz was quickly identified as a vehicle manufacturer that was ready and able to supply vehicles that matched the options available to NetApp employees.  Athlon took a proactive approach, making  all the necessary arrangements to ensure the new lease contracts were entered into before the relevant subsidies and tax benefits expired.


    The new hybrid vehicles received a very positive response from the NetApp employees. As did the drop in CO2 emissions. In fact, NetApp Nederland is now looking even further afield. They have asked Athlon to look into the possibilities offered by electric vehicles. 

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