ChangeMyCar, the 2018 International Fleet Industry winner becomes Athlon Flex

    Monday, November 16, 2020

    As the demand for flexible and sustainable mobility increases and extends beyond just the car, Athlon ChangeMyCar made room for Athlon Flex.

    More than ever fleet & mobility managers are puzzled with the complex need of employees for a tailor made mobility package. We are all individuals, leading different lives to each other. So why is employee mobility mostly focused on a long term leasing contract for a fixed car? As the demand for flexible and sustainable mobility increases and extends beyond just the car, Athlon ChangeMyCar made room for Athlon Flex. This flexible mobility solution recently hit the market in the Netherlands. The need for mobility remains, but the way in which is rapidly changing. Employees and employers want more flexibility and control over their mobility package and no longer want to be bound by a multi-year contract. Simply put, they want to be able to choose and change their mobility solutions more often.


    The corona crisis has accelerated the demand for both flexible and sustainable mobility. Mobility that adapts to the changing professional and personal lifestyle of the employee. That’s what our customers ask us for. Athlon ChangeMyCar was groundbraking in the car lease industry when it won the International Fleet Industry Award in 2018. Today we took the opportunity to think beyond the car and extend the functionalities of the product. In came Athlon Flex. The name is as simple and easy as the product itself. With Athlon Flex, employees choose and change solutions that fit their changing mobility needs. A young graduate just starting his or her first job can combine a car, a bike and public transport. Employees can drive electric and still keep the flexibility to switch back to an ICE car. Young families can swop to a family car to fit in their offspring. The individual situations are endless.

    Fulfilling that personal mobility need is the ultimate scope of Athlon Flex. ChangeMyCar offered the freedom of swapping cars, the innovation of Athlon Flex lies in the fact that employees get insights in their personal budget allowing them to put together an extended and therefore more optimal mobility mix: lease car, public transport and/or e-bike. And just as with ChangeMyCar, all can be easily managed with the Athlon Flex app. So no hassle for the fleet & mobility manager. And on top of all that it increases flexibility without increasing costs. That’s a clear win-win for all parties involved. Last but nog least, with Athlon’s view on flexible mobility we stimulate employees to make a conscious and sustainable mobility choice.

    Athlon Flex recently entered the Dutch market. Every country is different but the needs aren’t. Our teams are preparing further scale-up of Athlon Flex to France next, to be followed by other European countries.


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