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How to secure fleet management continuity in times of COVID-19?


The crisis we are facing today needs no introduction or explanation. As businesses and as individuals we are in unprecedented times with no real view on when this crisis will end or what the real effects will be either in the short or long term. Athlon remains open for business and we are doing everything we possibly can to keep ‘getting you there’.

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Stay healthy, drive ergonomically


Online shopping behavior in Europe has increased significantly during the corona crisis. It’s one of the ways people are approaching this period of isolation and uncertainty. From bulk-buying to online shopping, people are changing what they’re buying, when, and how. The boost in online shopping is impacting courier companies big and small. From the largest international exporter to the smallest man-and-van courier. And the increase of online shopping of course also affects the health of all delivery drivers who are going the extra mile these days. Athlon has advice for them: stay healthy, drive ergonomically!

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