How to do sustainability together

It's a fact that the growing world population and the rising level of prosperity mean that our fossil fuels are running out fast. It must and can be smarter, also in the field of mobility. But how do you really tackle this as a company?

Alexander Heijkamp - CSR Director Athlon Netherlands

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    Sustainable is comprehensive

    Even the largest companies are too small to handle such a social issue in a solo manner. Sustainable entrepreneurship is comprehensive. It comes down to the relationship between People, Planet and Profit, the three Ps, which are now often seen as separate. To connect them with each other, you need multiple parties, such as governments, customers and suppliers. You will have to see where the common interest lies.

    Creating Shared Values

    The great thing about this is that parties with shared interests are also more likely to work towards a solution together: Creating Shared Values. and thus sustainability also offers opportunities for a new business. Because organizations are going to serve the social and ecological interest, they will start making money in a different new way. New products and services will soon provide the answer to new needs.

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    Sustainability in the Netherlands

    Future music? Not quite. In the Netherlands, Ahtlon and various parties are already looking at the redesign of entire residential areas. Because if you still have the street open, because the whole neighborhood is going off the gas, look three steps ahead immediately. With data on, for example, the composition of the residential area, needs of residents and data from the land registry and municipality, strategic charging points can be placed and energy storage capacity can be arranged.

    All together now

    With a little courage, the small Netherlands can influence the global mobility of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. By wanting to be the first mover. In the coming years, this will not only be about electric driving, but also about behavioral change. If we know how to change the (often automated) behavior of people and we use the technology that is already there (such as electric cars), then we can bring about a system change. In this way we ensure a sustainable future, all together!

    About the autor Alexander Heijkamp

    Alexander Heijkamp is CSR Director for Athlon Netherlands. INPUT NEEDED


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